White Clay Vladimir (1kg)


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Very pleasant to the touch, silky clay. Slightly stain pen. It’s nice and lekgo nibble disintegrates in the mouth in small, delicate grains, which immediately melt in your mouth, turning into light, not greasy cream.
Clay not sticks. It has a lot in taste chalky notes. It smells fresh, like after a spring rain.


White Clay Vladimir 


Even in ancient times kaolin interested in people, but the use of this component has been somewhat limited. The substance has been used as a bleaching agent – a woman kaolin used as a powder or whitewash. By adding dyes they got lipstick and blush.

Over time, people realized how healing power contains kaolin. It perfectly cleanses the skin, gives it elasticity, relieves irritation, stimulates regeneration process.

It is difficult to find an analogue that can also take care of the health and beauty of the person. That is why the sort of white clay and today is not less important and in demand than in ancient times.

Origin kaolin

Kaolin is a fine-grained sedimentary rock. It is produced in an ecologically clean places in Bulgaria and China. Found field of the breed and in Ukraine.

Due to the production of the product in China, Kaolin area, this unique substance got its name.
The composition of kaolin

Kaolin has a slightly alkaline reaction. Its pH 7.0-8.0. Thanks to this particular substance perfectly affects the human body and stimulates the process of fighting free radicals. Clinically it established that the increase or decrease in pH may lead to the development of many diseases.

White clay powder

The use of a unique component dictated by the rich chemical composition. Kaolin contains silicon, aluminum, manganese, zinc, calcium, silica, and others. Nutrients.

Silicon has a positive effect on the upper layer of the dermis. It stimulates the production of kollaggena. Because of this the skin gets its firmness and elasticity.

Aluminium provides a clay binding properties.

Manganese effectively removes oily sheen on the skin. It is an excellent disinfectant mineral. He gets rid of any inflammatory reactions.

Zinc – a natural antioxidant, taking care to extend the youth. It prevents cell aging and rejuvenates the skin. In addition it has its own podsushivayuschee properties.

Due to calcium epidermis becomes not only flexibility, but also the natural tenderness.

Silica – an essential component, which provides the most complete assimilation of all the necessary materials. Silica has a positive effect on the cells, restoring their normal functioning.

Of course, this is not a complete list of all the components contained in the kaolin. But these substances are enough to understand what is useful white clay.
Properties and application of white clay

Due to its concentrated mineral composition, kaolin widely used in cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Basic white clay useful properties, are used:


Kaolin is able to perfectly absorb all the poisons and toxins. It effectively eliminates the digestive tract of many harmful substances. It is part of adsorbing drugs.

White clay

Sometimes used white clay for internal use on their own, at home. This is done according to certain rules, which are also necessarily talk.

Kaolin is an excellent remedy for hair care. The product is a part of a wide variety of shampoos, masks.

On the basis of made means to reduce the production of sebum, clean the scalp and strengthen the hair. Kaolin – an essential component in the fight against dandruff and seborrhea.

The use of white clay found in the care of the oral cavity, teeth. Its include toothpastes, as it cleans the teeth perfectly without damaging the enamel, and can even remove tartar.
The use in medicine of kaolin

White clay, whose properties are carefully studied by scientists, physicians, used medicinally as externally and internally.

But it is important to know that only use inside the purified product. This clay must undergo special treatment and be allowed to receive. Therefore, for internal use only suitable product purchased at a pharmacy.

Widely practiced treatment of kaolin. When various skin diseases, diaper rash, ulcers, burns kaolin used in the form of ointments, pastes, dusting powders.

Take into white clay for cleansing the liver. It perfectly dissolves the solid formation in the biliary tract, eliminates stagnation of bile.

In various cases of poisoning (poisons, toxins, chemicals), allergies kaolin is used – it is an effective sorbent. Its application allows to connect and print from the digestive tract all harmful substances.


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