The black clay “Chocolate” (500g)


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The black clay dense, crunchy clay, good bite. Has aftertaste and smell “after rain” and wet concrete. Moisturized cut as chocolate. Very tasty and useful clay. Quite rare and occurs less frequently in nature.

Black clay was discovered in Western Bohemia. Contains 40% kaolinite, 35% illite, 16% organic.
Clay with such a composition for many centuries been used by humanity as a part of natural medicine, used worldwide in balneotherapy, natural medicine and alternative medicine. Czech black clay is unique and different from the other, since it is rich in humic acids. Due to the humic acid, with black clay body wraps are highly effective, humins stimulate blood circulation and metabolic processes of the skin, thereby performing a strong conductor of all the nutrients present in the clay.

Black clay Bohemia has a strong detoxifying properties,antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Ideal for combating obesity.


to improve metabolism
to output toxins
with excess weight
with cellulite
It helps detoxify the body
It has strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect
Description of procedure:
On average, the procedure takes about 60 minutes. The skin is heated by special massage gloves. After impose tight even layer black clay. The body is wrapped in a special foil and covered with a warm blanket. After 20-30 minutes wrap (depending on the patient’s state of health), washed clay shower. Finally, held a light massage with cream peat Sfagnum.
After the procedure, it is desirable to sit for 5-10 minutes and calm atmosphere. To do this, you will be offered herbal tea and bowl with ecological honey. Over a cup of hot tea with honey, you can tune in to the rhythm of an active urban life and complete one more healthy ritual in our Premium Medical Health Clinic!
During the day, drink as much clean water. With water you accelerate the process of withdrawal of undesirable substances, concluded that originally provoked the clay.
After the procedure is necessary to keep the body warm.
It is advisable to wear full clothes without irritating kozhuyu

What do we know about clay

Most often found in nature red, yellow, white, blue, green, brown, but also has a black clay (to be exact – a gray-black) – the most rare, but strong views on their pharmacological properties.


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