Test Sumy chalk (100g)


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Chalk natural Sumy lumps mined from the fields near the small village Mogritsa. The nature of the striking abundance of steppes and oak forests, ravines and dotted with mounds of chalk. This neighborhood is reflected in the properties of the mineral-rich natural pure calcium, which we so needed and important. The material itself is soft, velvety, snow-white color. If wet and bite, you can feel the natural humidity, after the rain, a little stick to the teeth as clay. The product can be eaten, because it is environmentally friendly, good for digestion and bone.
Gentle, soft, smooth, velvety to the touch chalk, easy to bite off a little crunch, taste of dampness like the smell of wet concrete floor. If a piece of chalk to water, its flavor will remind the smell of moisture after rain. Mel is slightly similar to the white clay as a little stick to the teeth. It is shallow and very gentle taste of writing paper with distant milky and creamy aftertaste.
The deposit is located in the Sumy region near the village Mogritsa. Amazing nature of this place can not fail to fascinate: steppe, Rastel to the horizon, bordered by massive mysterious oak forest. Amid all this splendor could be seen deep ravines, as well as the white chalk hills. Nearby is also the chalk quarry itself, which is surprising his extraterrestrial species.


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