Test Slavic chalk (100g)


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Donetsk region is geologically located in the south-eastern edge of the East European platform – one of the largest and relatively stable areas of the earth’s crust. The base platform is made up of schists, gneisses and granites of Archean and Proterozoic. The sedimentary cover consists of Paleozoic sediments of the Mesozoic and Cenozoic, reaching capacities of 3-5 km. In the Dnieper-Donets Basin of the East European platform, captures the north of Donetsk region, there are numerous salt domes with deposits of oil, gas and rock salt. A characteristic feature of the geological structure is the presence of thick deposits of the Carboniferous system in the central and eastern parts of the region, as well as access to the surface of the crystalline shield intrusive formations in the southern and western regions.
On the territory of Donetsk region in the state’s balance sheet, there are about 750 mineral deposits with 36 types of raw materials of national and local significance, of which 355 are operated deposits with 25 types of minerals. Wealth Minerals region is determined, primarily, by the Donetsk coal basin, one of the largest coal deposits in Europe. Are important deposits of rock salt, gypsum, cement raw materials, fluxing limestone and dolomite, granite, refractory and refractory clay, etc. .. In the area explored and under development deposits of iron ore, fluorite, alkaline kaolin, basalt, phosphate rock, vermiculite, primary aluminum, mercury, graphite, rare and rare earth elements. Open new opportunities for Ukraine’s deposits of gold, copper, lead. In the north of the Azov crystalline massif identified kimberlite pipes with fragments of small crystals of diamond. oil and gas field, scout-associated gas field with reserves of 1.2 billion. m3 opened in the northern and southern areas of the region, it found 15 gas-bearing structures with estimated reserves of 30 billion. m3. In addition, the area of coal deposits contain 118 billion. M3 of methane, which is a valuable energy raw materials. Developed as chalk deposits, construction and glass sand, quartzite, granite, etc .. In the region there are coal deposits of four kinds of gas and long flame coking, anthracite and poluantratsita.
In the region there are significant reserves of rock salt (Artemovskoye Slavic and deposits). Production of “white stone” is almost completely satisfies the needs of the country in edible salt.
Mineral resources base of building materials industry and the steel industry is provided:
dolomite, limestone (fluxing and construction in the cities. Dokuchaevsk, Komsomolsk, pgt.Novotroitskoe)
clays – refractory (Chasov, Novoraysk, Andreev, Zatishanskoe, Veselovskoye, Oktyabrsky deposits) and plastic (ceramic vKramatorskom, Kurdyumovsky, Kuteynikovskom, Nicholas, Alexander Rye, Nikiforivskomu deposits);
marl (Amvrosievsky district, district Kramatorsk);
gypsum (Artyomovsk district);
kaolins (Vladimir, Bogorodinskoe, Katerinovskogo field);
chalk (Slavic area);
building and quartz sand, granite (Telmanovskiy, Volodarsky districts).
In addition, stocks of mercury are in the region: (Mykytivske deposit), mineral paints (ocher) in Yasnaya Polyana field; phosphorite (Reznikovske Osikovskoe and field); asbestos and graphite in the Sea of Azov. Detected deposits of nepheline syenite (aluminum ore Kalinino-Shevchenkivskyi field); fluorite (fluorspar in Petrovo Gnutivskom and Intercession Kireevsky deposits); vermiculite (Kamyanomogilnoe deposit) of iron ore in the Sea of Azov, dawsonite and potassium salts near Slavyansk.
is the Dnieper-Donetsk oil and gas region in the northern areas of the region (hardly developed) in the south, on the coast of the Sea of Azov – Black sea-Crimean oil and gas province.
Exploited mineral springs (Dobropole, Novoazovsk).

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