Test blue clay (100 g)


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The field of blue clay for Iogach village has long been known. Thanks to the local paramedic, the clay began to use the residents, and then resting on the bases of the Teletskoye Lake. Now to the blue clay, lead tours. During the tour you can hear the legends of the Teletskoye Lake, the ancient heroes, the properties of the clay, medicinal plants growing on the banks of the lake.

To get yourself to a field of blue clay, it is necessary to move along the river Iogach. If you are coming from Artybash first move on the bridge in Iogach village and continue straight on the road. After a while you’ll be riding along the river Iogach. At about 1800 m. From the bridge, you will see a left hanging over the road sand pit. Then after 200 meters, on the left, it will be blessed spring. wooden cross stands over him. Stop, type clean “living” water wash, greet the spirits of the place. After the spring will go about one kilometer. Look left identification mark – the red ribbon tied to a bush. At this point you can leave the car along the road or move out to the left and stop in a small clearing. Then moving on foot along the path. Blue clay deposit located near the road. The path will lead to the bridge of logs across the stream, and from here one can already see the place where the dial clay. What a good man left here a shovel and dig up the clay can be freely.

The properties of this field is not investigated, but any blue clay has healing properties. The fact that the clay treats people knew long ago. Avicenna offered indoor and outdoor use clay for many diseases. Clay has antibacterial, absorbing and shielding properties. The clay composition includes silicon required for better absorption of calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, fluorine, sulfur, aluminum and others. Elements.

The collected clay should be dried in the sun. Before the use of clay lumps crushed into a powder. For lotions – clay diluted with water, or better spring melt, spread on linen or x / cotton fabric layer 1.5-2 cm, and put on the sore spot. Close the top of woolen cloth, hold 1.5-2 hours. Re-use is not clay. You can make a mask for the face and neck for 20 minutes. The skin after the mask becomes soft and silky. Clay drink water in the morning on an empty stomach, diluting 1 h. Spoon of clay one glass of water. Earthenware water can rinse your hair – it will contribute to their growth.

Nature gives us an easy way to be healthy and beautiful. Let us be grateful to her! Leave a clean place, where we came to visit.

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