Slavik chalk (500 gr.)


On the photo shows Slavic chalk 500g.

Very tasty, with a pronounced flavor, uniform consistency,  delicious, no salt and bitterness.

MANUFACTURED: Ukraine Svyatogorsk.

Slavik chalk- is delicious neat white pieces. Mel strongly stain hands and from that he wants to lick or bite. Chalk himself dry, clean, tverdenky, crunchy, a little harsh, but it’s good to chew. After initially biting lightly grains in the mouth, chewed and then completely dissolves.

Taste; with marked chalky taste like whitewash in the house, to the teeth is not sticky. Slavik chalk  delicious and they quickly filled.
Slavik chalk produced in an ecologically clean area near Slavik oblast  (hence the name of the field!). This place is famous for its unique nature and the accumulation of nutrients that have medicinal properties and beneficial effect on the human body. Carefully break away from the “holy mountain” white chalk passes the selection stage, thereby preventing from sand and dirt.



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Career on gypsum production in Donetsk, Crimea, Lugansk, and etc.
Gypsum is a mineral called class sulfites. It is widely used in the industry, and most importantly in the production of building materials. It is interesting that pure gypsum is transparent as glass look. Pure gypsum in nature is very rare, most deposits contain gypsum mineral in conjunction with various impurities (dolomite, limestone, calcite, celestite). For the production of gypsum building materials is used exclusively in the form of calcined.

The largest reserves of gypsum are located in the United States and Canada – the countries produce more than 30% of the total annual volume of gypsum worldwide.

Traditionally used to produce gypsum drywall, plaster – and as an additive to cement. It is remarkable for the Ukrainian economy, the largest gypsum deposit is located in the Donbass. Artiomovskiy quarry has proven reserves of more than 1 million tons. In Artemovsk, Donetsk region is a very large plant for the production of building materials corporation Lafarge. It produces all kinds of plaster mixtures (putty, plaster adhesive shtukaruki) drywall. In the nearby town of Soledar is the second largest factory Corporation Knauf. It produces a much wider product range Knauf accommodating not only plasterboard, gypsum plaster, cement and dry mixtures, polimerhimicheskie group of building materials.

Career Crimea on gypsum production
Crimea annexation entailed poterb large number of quarries and gypsum mining companies:

Balaklava management. Gorky – Extraction of stone, plaster, chalk Sevastopol
White stone – Quarrying of stone, plaster, chalk Saki district
Stroietlnyh plant materials in Yevpatoria – Quarrying of stone, gypsum, chalk
Inkerman quarry – Extraction of stone, plaster, chalk, limestone
Career Donetsk region for the extraction of gypsum and limestone
Yet a much larger number of enterprises of gypsum mining, chalk and limestone are located in the Lugansk and Donetsk region. Access to that, to some extent, too complicated.

In the Donetsk region there are still some companies producing gypsum and gypsum deposits:

Dokuchayevsk of flux – dolomite plant. Extraction of sand, gravel, chalk, gypsum, limestone.
Komsomolsiky careers. Starobeshevskiy area. Production of metallurgical limestone, gypsum.
Novotroitsky careers. Volnovakha Raion. Stone, dolomite, limestone.
Slayansky lime plant. Mr. Slavyansk. All kinds of technological lime, chalk, gypsum, alabaster, meloizvestkovye mixture.
Grand LLC. Donetsk. Production of gypsum, chalk, limestone.
Dontsementstroy LLC. Slavic region. Seeketh chalk, gypsum, limestone building.
Companies of Lugansk, extracting gypsum
Lugansk region is also very rich in deposits of gypsum, limestone and chalk. Below are the mining and production of all kinds of limestone.

Lugansk gypsum. Alchevsk area. Produces gypsum, limestone, chalk.
Vovchoyarovsky careers. Popasnjansky area. Extraction of dolomite chalk.
Zhytomyr region – it’s huge reserves of the unique color of granite. It produces crushed stone, granite gravel, crushed stone. Major quarries of dolomite and granite – Korostynetsky, Olevskii, Schorsovsky, Miropolsky, Davdovsky, Ignatpolsky, Leznikosky, Novgorod – Volyn, Gulyanetsky, Malinska, Emilyanovsky, Olevskii, Tovkacheevsky and etc. These careers are specialized primarily on the granite mining. But they caught gypsum deposits, dolomite, limestone.


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