Pressed chalk (1 kg)


Pressed chalk-creamy and melting structure, clean, crisp, with no additives. Produced by special order. Weight bars- 30-35g.

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Can I eat chalk?

It is known that when a lack of calcium in the body can develop a craving for eating chalk. The experience of generations who have grown up in the conditions of organic calcium deficiency, says chalk edible! However, doctors, answering the question whether it is possible to eat chalk, set not so uniquely.

Chalk properties change dramatically under the influence of gastric juice. Mel passed through the crucible of oxidative processes, it loses the initial neutrality, becomes chemically active reagent. On the effectiveness of it is similar to the slaked lime. The mucous membrane of the digestive tract suffers from contact with oxidized chalk.

In addition, the calcium concentration is too high in the Cretaceous. Eating chalk can cause vascular calcification. It is much safer if calcium deficiency pay attention to the medicines of this metal. Calcium gluconate tablet affects the body much more positive than eaten a piece of chalk.

Stationery, building and even feed chalk farm not suitable for consumption! Man is not able to secure (and more usefully) to process and assimilate this mineral!

Cretaceous deposits in Eurasia stretches wide strip from the Kazakh Emba River to the western tip of Britain. The greatest thickness of the sediments reach the south of Kharkov: here are present real chalk mountains with an array of thicknesses up to 600-ton meters. The continuing development of white mineral scientists promise a lot of new discoveries.

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