Kaolin pellets (white clay)


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What is kaolin?

White clay – kaolin belongs to the sedimentary rocks of volcanic origin. The main constitutive element is the mineral kaolinite. Different amounts of impurities also contains quartz, feldspar, mica, aluminum oxide and iron.

With kaolin Chinese translated as “high mountain.” The name of the breed was Gaolin town in south-eastern China’s Jiangxi province. It was there, in ancient times, first discovered and began to extract the white clay.

Depending on the method of education, there are two types of kaolin – primary (residual), deposits of which are located in areas of education, and secondary (sediment) formed as a result of the erosion of rocks, weathering kaolin products and further re-deposition of them on the bottom of ponds.

Description and properties of kaolin

With regard to the characteristics of the kaolin composition ultimately determines its physicochemical properties:

∙ fire resistance (melted at 1750-1800 ° C and above);

∙ plasticity;

∙ hydrophilic;

∙ chemical inertness;

∙ mechanical strength (in the dried and calcined state);

∙ poor conductivity;

∙ minimum content of dyes;

∙ low abrasiveness;

∙ dispersion.

The color also depends on the mineral composition and the nature of impurities, and may range from blue and white to yellow and gray. The industry uses mainly light-colored, and white kaolin.

The use of kaolin

Enriched kaolin is used as a raw material in many modern industries:

∙ ceramic (porcelain and faience);

∙ electrical (insulators, refractory materials);

∙ paper (filling and coating paper);

∙ Chemical (filler for rubber, plastic, artificial leather, linoleum, fabrics, rods slate pencil);

∙ cosmetic (cream, paste, ointment, powder, soap);

∙ Pharmaceutical (bonding agent for medicinal products).

Cosmetology and also long been steadily adopted a kaolin, the use of which gives positive results in a variety of its areas.

Widely used anti-cellulite programs using white clay that saturates the skin with minerals, removes excess fat, promotes the formation of collagen, giving the skin elasticity.

Enough effective mask with kaolin. With their help tighten flabby skin, moisturize dry, soothe sensitive or inflamed and oily remove excess sebum, fat balance harmonize and improve the complexion.

Very popular scrubs that contain kaolin whose properties as a gentle abrasive can not be overestimated. It gently removes dead dead cells, deep cleans pores, thereby improving breathing and skin nutrition.

Kaolin is particularly useful for those with inflamed acne. Coarse abrasives in this case completely inappropriate, because they can cause even greater irritation of the inflamed skin.

To improve blood circulation, improve tone, dealing with stress, strengthen the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins is recommended to take a bath of white clay.

This should be done three times a week before going to bed. The optimal rate – from 10 to 12 procedures. To prepare the “clay” bath, kaolin powder (200 to 500g) diluted with a small amount of warm water 1 liter and prepared in advance is poured into the bath.

Swimming duration – 15 to 20 minutes at a water temperature not higher than 42º. After treatment, the body is rinsed under cool shower.

The diet food kaolin is used for efficient cleaning of the body. This additional source of easily digestible micro and macronutrients (phosphorus, calcium, potassium, silicon, aluminum, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc.).

It has a strong absorbing action. Actively removes toxins and radionuclides, strengthens hair and nails. It is also successfully used in the case of metabolic disorders and various kinds of poisoning, including alcohol.

For these noble goals is best kaolin buy at the pharmacy, where it is sold already thoroughly cleansed of unwanted impurities and conveniently packaged.

For internal use of special capsules are available with white clay, and to the outside – ground to the consistency of kaolin powder in sachets.

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