Cookies (chalk + White and Blue clay)- 500 g

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On a photo cookies – 300 g

The cookies come in Sumy and Belgorod chalk + White and blue clay. Cookies crunch. Very gentle and have a specific taste of clay + chalk.

One cookie – 33-55g

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Methods of application of blue clay

Blue clay is used as an outward and inward. The method of application depends entirely on the disease. For the treatment of certain diseases combine both methods.

External application of blue clay.

Outwardly blue clay is used mainly in the form of lotions, smearing, rubbing and baths. The clay acts on a sore place a healing, heals weakened or diseased cells, renews bodies healthy and strong cells, driving a dead along with the dirt and impurities. Clay can be used in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, ulcers, burns, wounds, fractures and so on. D. At any age, without fear that it will harm. In tumors, sores with blisters, places affected by eczema and other skin diseases, the clay are better to apply with no napkins, no fear of infection as well as clay has antibacterial properties. The clay must be removed before it is completely dry, and then rinse the affected area. Procedures continue to do until they are cured. ulcers Closing does not occur immediately: clay should absorb toxins harmful liquids and dirt from the entire body.

Internal use of blue clay.r2weYrhOyO8

For oral administration used pure greasy clay sand without impurities and foreign substances. It is best to use clay, taken one single piece. Briquette broken into small pieces with a mortar which bottles or crushed into a powder. Then sift through a sieve to get rid of impurities. Net ready to put the powder in the sun. In such a clay is ready for use. The amount of clay used should be adjusted depending on the needs of the organism. Harm does not bring the clay, but in some cases can cause unpleasant reactions. With a weak stomach, first, drink water with a small amount of clay. After getting used to the body can be taken half a teaspoon, and then the full, bringing to two spoons at once or in small portions throughout the day. Children 1 teaspoon is enough. The normal dose for an adult – 2 teaspoons of clay powder per day. The clay is diluted with cold water and take 2 times a day, morning and evening, always one hour before meals (unless otherwise specified method of reception of clay). It should not, after receiving a lot of clay there. If the reception of clay is accompanied by pain, it’s a good idea to hold the sun, then it is much easier tolerated. Single clay powder should drink sips, not gulp. If the bottom of the glass remained on clay, water can be added. Do not use a metal spoon to stir the mud. If the patient prefers to take the powder with another drink, it is desirable to do so with the infusion of mint or other medicinal herbs, but without sugar. You can add a small amount of honey. You can not drink the clay with milk or coffee. For those who prefer to take the clay powder in a dry form, it is necessary to put in his mouth a small piece of clay, give it to melt in the mouth and then swallow and drink some water. By doing so, you strengthen your teeth and improve digestion. The use of clay promotes the excretion of toxins inside. If at the start of treatment intake into the clay causes constipation, it is a sure indicator of a serious gastrointestinal disease. In this case, during the day you need to drink little sips, quite a large number of light clay water. Clay gives precisely the mineral salts, which we lack, delivering them in doses, it is best suitable for our body. In addition, it absorbs the toxins, putrid gasses, excess acid and removes them from the body, purifying it entirely. clay treatment by receiving inside can sometimes take several months or even a year. It is advisable to periodically take breaks, not to teach her the stomach (eg, 21 days to take the clay and then a break for 10 days).


Treat knee warmed on a hot couple thick towel for 20 minutes, then apply a cold clay poultice for 1 hour. Do rubbing using a swab large clay water. To enhance the action of rubbing, in the clay water can add a couple of cloves of crushed garlic. As treatment effect will increase if you add more lemon juice.


 See Ankylosis.


Drink water. 2 hours before breakfast, drink in 1-2 weeks.

Ascites (dropsy of the peritoneum)

Lotions on the stomach. In severe cases, restrict lubrication water belly.


Drink purified clay water 1 teaspoon 2 times a day. Sore spot rubbed with a cotton swab dipped in a clay solution. Dietary restrictions, to stop smoking.


Putting a cold compress on the forehead of clay, stir into yogurt. At the same time on your feet to put a compress of vinegar diluted with plain warm water.


As a means to relieve nausea and to facilitate delivery using powder blue clay half a teaspoon 2 times a day after meal for the first half of pregnancy (24 weeks). And a quarter of a teaspoon and 2 times a day after meals during the second half of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you need every day for 10 minutes to make the natural bath. 1 Make a clay thin lotion daily on the abdomen.

Diseases of bones and joints (osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, SPURS)

Drink water. Rub the sore spots. Lotions.

Brain disease (tumor, abscess, hemorrhage, thrombosis)

Drink water. Making lotion on the back of the head and forehead.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Every hour during the day to drink a few spoonfuls of water clay. Absorbent clay blue property, in this case, is of the utmost importance. Patients with severe intoxication say that they are completely freed after drinking clay. Blue clay absorbs all kinds of domestic poisons, disinfects and removes them, and kills all pathogens.


Drink water. Twice a day, rub the chest of liquid clay, mixed with grated garlic. Twice a day does to his chest lotions. A cough can easily soothe, sucking a piece of clay and applying lotion on the throat and chest.

Diseases of the digestive

Drink water 2 times a day, morning and evening before meals. Gradually increase the dose to 4 hours. L. in a day. Lotions on the stomach.

Kidney and urinary bladder

Drinking water during days 10-12. Lotions on the kidneys and the lower abdomen. Also applied clay tile 2-3 times a day for 2 hours.


Drink water. Making water rubbing the heart.


In the evenings, make a lotion made of clay with grated garlic.


Make inhalation. To do this, pour pulverized clay in a plastic or glass-lined vessel. Pour boiled the clay, but slightly chilled to 70 degrees with water. Lean over the vessel, covered with a thick cloth and inhale alternately nose and mouth evaporation.


Apply the cold tiles of clay for 2 hours on the chest and back. Carry 2-4 sessions per day. week course of treatment. Then a break for 12 days. And then to repeat the same treatment.


Copious warm drink clay solution with the addition of honey, raspberry, lime blossom. To smear heated clay chest. Inhalation clay mortar. In chronic bronchitis drink herbal infusions mother-and-stepmother, rosemary, licorice root with the addition of blue clay.

PHLEBEURYSM. Obliterating artery LIMB

Drink water. Rub the sore spots with water. To enhance the action of adding to it 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic. Making lotion.

Inflammation and SEAL NODES

Drink water. Making lotion.

Inflammation of the liver, jaundice

Lotions on the liver area.


Applying a cloth soaked in water, behind the ears. The top cover of woolen cloth. Part of me.

Gastritis (acute, chronic)

Drinking water clay, activated carbon, three times a day. Within 1-2 days to abstain from food. With 3 days to move to pureed food and mucous membranes, with 4 broth and boiled chicken. From 7 days on a normal diet. Even for a month to drink clay water. In chronic constantly use clay water and diet and nutrition.



Hepatitis (acute, chronic)

For a long time to make a cocktail. In that must include a solution of blue clay, fiber, and various vitamins.

Hyperparathyroidism (Recklinghausen DISEASE)

Apply a solution of clay with the addition of chalk.


To normalize the blood pressure is necessary for the morning after waking and at night before going to bed, take a teaspoon of powder blue clay, drinking her juice or milk.

Hypothyroidism (myxedema)

Drink water. Making lotion on the area of the thyroid gland.

Eye disease (poor vision, walleye, cataract, inflammation)

Doing gadgets on the closed eyes, the forehead, temples, back of the head. Rub the eyelids with water.


Limit the intake of salt and fluids. Make compresses to the kidneys.


Making lotion on his forehead and neck. Take a lump of clay, soak in water, stir until the consistency of ointment, adds a little vinegar. This ointment to impose on the soles of the feet, wrap a cloth and put on warm socks. Hold for 1 hour.

Fungus, fungal skin diseases

To wash tar soap and do grinding clay with water and lemon juice. Take 250 ml of liquid clay consistency of sour cream, add a tablespoon of 9% vinegar and stir thoroughly. The mixture applies on the affected area for 4-5 hours, then rinse with warm water. The procedure is carried out daily, once a day, for two weeks. After a 2-3 week break, repeat the treatment.

deforming osteoarthritis

Packs on the affected muscles and joints.


Drink a solution of blue clay in small sips 5-6 times a day. The area of the liver and kidneys to smear mud. When painful sensations in the legs and spread them with clay.

Biliary Zhe loch nom BUBBLE

Drink water several times a day. To smear the right upper quadrant clay.

Benign tumors

Drink water. Making lotion on the area of the tumor.

Women’s disease (uterine prolapse, fibroids, polyps, cysts, irregular menstruation, vaginitis, various inflammations, ISOLATION)

Drink water. Lotions on the stomach.


Drinking water 50 ml three times per day.


Drink water with clay iodized salt. Making lotion.

Teeth, tongue, mouth, gums

Brushing your teeth to strengthen them 1-2 times a day with clay. Rinse mouth with water. When a toothache does lotions on the affected tooth and cheek near this tooth.


Lotions on the kidneys. Watch for an increase in blood pressure.


Drink water 1 teaspoon every half hour

Skin diseases

Drink water. Lotions on the sore spots. Wash with water. Making local and full bath with the addition of clay.


Take several times a day powder blue clay, washed down with water. Never use milk and other laxative products.


To get rid of cutaneous lupus erythematosus, it is necessary to handle the sore spots grindings of clay. An important role in the treatment of this disease plays a clay ointment. It reduces inflammation and cleanses the wound. To prepare an ointment to take clay to soak in water to the ointment add a little vinegar, juice of plantain, horsetail decoction. These plants promote decomposition of poisonous substances in the body which sucks clay. Taking local and full bath with the addition of clay. Patients place to rub the clay with water. It is desirable to observe the fast, have to take lemons and clay inside.

Mastitis, mastitis BREAST

Drink water. Making lotion on his chest and abdomen.


Making clay masks. Clay wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin, giving it a fresh look.


Take several times a day the water. Compress on the kidneys.


Mix the clay with coarse salt in a ratio of 1: 1 to the consistency of thick cream. The resulting mixture was applied to the affected skin for 4-6 hours and then washed off with warm water. The procedure was carried out on a daily basis once a day. The course of treatment is 7-14 procedures that replicate after the two-week break, if necessary.

nervous breakdown

Drink water. Lotions on the back of the head. Rub the spine with water.

Nose (rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, hay fever)

Lotions on the nose and sinus area of his (forehead, cheeks) wash nostrils with water. When bleeding from the nose to put in a nostril cotton swabs soaked in water.


Rub the head 3 times a day with a mixture of grated garlic, onion juice, and clay water.


See page Blue clay from excess weight and cellulite.


The solution is a little blue clay warm up to 40 degrees temperature. Moistened with a cotton swab to rub the affected area for 3-5 minutes. Then, from the same solution make a compress, tieing his warming bandage. The whole operation is performed at night. In the morning remove the wrap, wipe with warm water. The course of treatment is 8-10 days.


Drink water with lemon juice drinks mineral water. Packs in the region of the upper half of the abdomen. Limit fats and carbohydrates. Perhaps intermittent fasting for 1-2 days, if there is no mass deficit.


Drink water. Making lotion on the back of the head and along the spine. Rub the joints and paralyzed part of the body of water with garlic.

Fractures (IF ALREADY removal of plaster for faster healing and EFFECT TO ELIMINATE unpleasant sensations)

Make a mixture of blue clay with warm urine, bring to the consistency of thick cream. The mixture has cast a layer of 1-2 cm on a damp and urine cotton cloth and applies it to the point of fracture, cover with plastic wrap. Top cover with a woolen cloth. After 2 hours, remove the poultice and wash the skin with warm water. The procedure is carried out every day. The course of treatment 7-10 days. Which can be repeated after a week’s break, if necessary?


After initial treatment, the clay smear with garlic turns the chest and back.


Drink clay water with a little baking soda. Recommended fasting, drinking plenty of fluids, avoiding alcohol, smoked and hot spices.

Wounds, ulcers, burns



Cold clay appliqué impose on the swollen place. Repeat a few days.


Apply to stretch the place of clay solutions, dilute vinegar. Repeat a few days.


Applying to the place of erysipelas a mixture of dry clay powder and a powder of crushed brick (to take them equally), 4 times a day. The mixture used is always warm, the mound on a napkin.

Injuries (bruises, sprains, fractures, sprains)

Drink water. Rub the sore spots with water. Lotions.


Blue clay is an excellent remedy for blackheads and acne. In the morning thoroughly wash the place covered with acne hot water. Spread these places mashed blue clay. Wait for 10-15 minutes, then the same mask rinses with hot water. After this procedure, depending on the condition of the skin, you can use a moisturizer. In the evening, repeat the procedure, but clay or rinse for 30 minutes.

In abscesses impose thick tiles of blue clay for 1 hour 4-6 times a day. When you boil on the nose or inside the nose to knead the clay in the form of olives and put on the nose for 1-2 Chalk. Treatment is carried out every day until complete recovery.


An affected place with water washed clay. Clay gadgets without napkins apply directly to the affected area. Remove the lotion, wash the site with warm clean water. Also, wipe the skin with a decoction or infusion of celandine. Receive general and local baths with clay, clay wash water.

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