Chalk Svyatogorsky (500g)


Chalk Svyatogopsky 100% natural . This chalk dry-clear, hard, crunchy, a little harsh, but well mended. After biting grains first, and then it melts in your mouth!

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Chalk Svyatogorsky

Extraction of chalk is made in the wonderful city Svyatogorsk, which is famous for ecological purity, hence the name. In Svyatogorye is a wonderful temple, unique in that carved directly into the chalky rock. That is why the chalk produced in these parts, has healing properties, exerting a beneficial effect on the human body. White chalk passes the selection stage still in the process very carefully breaking off from the “holy mountain”, so sand and dirt are possible.
Chalk Svyatogorsky presented clean delicious crisp white pieces. He somewhat stains the hands, causing his desire to lick or bite. Consistency chalk clean, crisp, dry, a little harsh, it does not affect the process of chewing. Biting on grains, chalk, getting into the mouth, chew completely and then dissolves.

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