Chalk sawn Belgorod (1 bar)


Chalk Belgorod sawn

This type of chalk is made as follows: in the career of the Belgorod region is first extracted special chalk chunks, which are then cut into small wedges. These small pieces of chalk have characteristic grooves, resulting from sawing.

On the palate: it turns almost greasy chalk with the smell of rain and whitewash. First, slightly crispy, then quickly it melts in your mouth. With nibble chalk and no problems.

Features: Enough snow-white, not too hard. As his condition – tight. It is noteworthy that the expiration date nothing is unlimited.


Net weight: 1,000 g

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Chalk microstructure depends, among other things, on his deposit. The particles, however they are not subjected to the treatment, still retain their izmmnachalnuyu structure. If you look under the microscope – some particles of chalk as “hedgehogs”, bristle, others – more smooth. Microstructure effect on the ductility of chalk, fluidity, especially when operating on processing and other important properties – and this depends on the quality of the final product.

Belgorod chalk basically has a structure scaly. This means a chalk endowed with greater fluidity and has a number of advantages over the same raw materials, but in other areas.

Chalk is a raw material for the production of another of any product – plastic, tires, construction mixtures. Using a qualitative filler increases the mechanical properties of manufactured goods. It affects this chalk and on the life of equipment.

Another important feature: Belgorod chalk clean, is not subject to any kind of pollution, which are inherent in the raw materials, for example, in European countries. Pollute chalk insoluble components sand, clay – for its purification requires additional costs of electricity and other resources. No wonder that our chalk in demand in European countries: to produce high-quality chalk is more expensive than to buy it – even taking into account transport costs.

Another significant difference – stable performance Belgorod chalk. Each plant is committed to maintaining well-defined physical and chemical characteristics of the raw materials. Consumers are generally accustomed to a particular quality of chalk, and his production of “enchanted” for a particular vehicle. Developed his own recipe – the amount of chalk is strictly rationed. It depends on the color and durability, and other important characteristics of the finished product.

The deposits in the Belgorod area- the largest in Russia, so the market Belgorod fine-filler for the most favorable price-quality ratio.

Chinese chalk and Turkish mikrokaltsit much more expensive than chalk from Belgorod. While at the excipients market, it ranks first in terms of use.

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