Chalk ANTOSHKA (3 kg. in box=100 pieces)

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Chalk is made in the form of a rod (bar), square, long, 75 mm., A width of 16 mm., Weight 30 grams, Tasty, tender and slightly crisp. It consists of crushed chalk and water.

School chalk white, standard size Small – 75х15х15,

The weight of a chalk – 30 grams.

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Chalk ANTOSHKA (3 kg. in box=100 pieces) Free shipping

Chalk “Antoshka” has a number of advantages over conventional chalk – chalk is made from natural, without additives;

– Does not contain harmful impurities;
– Inflicts on any surface excellent, clear image.

Products provided by the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion №54.NS.05.966.P.002476.11.01 of 12 November 2001.

Crayons are made in accordance with the requirements of TU 9661-001-23609643-95.

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You probably have seen not only the chicken, but other pets swallow pieces of lime? Similarly, some children arrive at school.
Chalk benefits, this is easy to see. The results of applying the chalk, are striking.

Chalk contains building materials needed for the human body, especially for bone.

The weak human body structure is very fragile due to the lack of lime, connecting in the body of these or other substances.

People of ill health and children should be given a daily pinch of powder from chalk in the water or with food. Since the powder without smell and taste, it is easy and pleasant to take.

Who suffers from improper digestion and generally can not develop physically, that is recommended to take the chalk, 1.2 pinches during the meal.

“This soil is rich in gypsum,” – he told Franklin to write a lime on the field, where he grew up beautiful clover.

Patients suffering from anemia, I would advise taking not one but two pinches of powder, one in the morning and one in the evening. This white powder turns pale face in rosy and healthy.


The basis of the chemical composition of calcium carbonate is chalk with a small amount of magnesium carbonate, but there is usually not part of the carbonate, mainly metal oxides.

The chalk is usually a small admixture of tiny grains of quartz and microscopic calcite pseudomorphs on fossil marine organisms (radiolarians, and others.)

Often there are large fossils of the Cretaceous period: belemnites, ammonites, and others.

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