Cambrian blue clay


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Cambrian blue clay

is a genuine witness to the extraordinary “explosion” of the biosphere vitality (… happened about 600 million years ago during the Cambrian period).
At the time of its formation, it is saturated with all existing natural energies: Fire, Water, Wind, Metal … Maybe she kept a component of the “Living Water” that transformed life – the beginning of an ancient ocean, and then the whole of our planet.
And, probably, it is the impact on it of all these before the end of yet have not known energies, and its “direct participation” in the description and comprehension of intractable, amazing creative planetary processes … – define it many, literally, “the magic cosmetic properties “and” amazing healing power. ”
Cambrian blue clay is a natural, environmentally friendly product extracted from a depth of over 80 meters.
The clay can be safely used for all skin types and hair like the professionals (in beauty salons, fitness centers, health centers, clinics), and at home – for baths, masks, wraps, wellness and therapeutic treatments (compresses, applications, widgets) as well as for use as an additional ingredient for the preparation of cosmetic and other therapeutic products.

* Clay held a special cleaning and handling, as well as a complete physical-chemical, toxicological and radiation control.

Cambrian blue clay of the Leningrad region

– are the oldest Cambrian blue clay on the planet.
Since, in the Leningrad region, the layers of blue clay Cambrian period were literally pushed out closer to the surface to a depth of many kilometers – as a result of movement (convergence) of two major structures of the Earth’s crust (the Baltic crystalline shield and East European plate).
This is due to the fact that as mentioned above, most of the Leningrad region lies at the junction of two major structures of the Earth’s crust – the Baltic crystalline shield and East European plates that together form the East European (Russian) platform.
At a time when there was a formation of Cambrian blue clay of the Leningrad region, almost all its territory was the mouth of a powerful river. The river flowing through the territory of the Urals and the Arkhangelsk region, the fraction was grinding hard and indigenous and older sedimentary rocks. As a result, the smallest, and therefore lighter particles reach the mouth and deposited on the bottom of a calm shallow bay.


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