Blue Clay


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Blue clay is Oily, creamy clay. It has a sufficiently dense structure. Has a nice crunch. When mastication breaks up the plate. His mouth turns into a soft, creamy pulp. It smells fresh after the rain.

Blue clay
In nature, there are several different types of clays. An ordinary person can distinguish them by color. Meets blue clay, white clay, red clay, green clay, etc. In cosmetology, folk and classical medicine preference received Cambrian blue clay. Blue clay successfully and effectively used in medicine and cosmetics, because it has a lot of useful medicinal properties. In the structure, it contains a large amount of various trace elements and minerals needed by the human body.

It contains: silicon, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, nitrogen, silver and other elements. It is an excellent absorbent and antiseptic. From ancient times, people knew about the healing properties of blue clay, that there are no bacteria, it just kills them, it absorbs odors, gases, toxins. In Egypt, in Babylon and in China, in order to preserve as long as possible dairy and meat products, as well as fruits and vegetables used clay. For this purpose, clay diluted in water, dipped in a solution of the products, and then taken out, and dries the clay products could be stored for a long time. In times of epidemics and wars clay diluted in water and drink clay water. French soldiers in the First World War, the clay was added to the mustard. In the days of the Russian Empire, the blue clay is sold abroad, not for small money. Blue clay eliminates unpleasant odors, so it is placed in the chamber pots. Even animals not poisoned poisons if nearby there is the blue clay.

Blue clay has a truly healing power, it eliminates inflammation, suppuration, removes toxins. When the clay can be used to cure a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory and circulatory system, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital system, and other organs. It charges the body, activates the immune system and improves metabolism, a positive effect on the intracellular process that rejuvenates the body. The use of blue clay for the treatment of a wide and varied, on our site you can find recipes for the use of blue clay.

In cosmetology blue clay is used more widely. It acts as an effective assistant in solving skin problems. Whitens and cleanses the skin, removes shine, gives tone, smoothes the skin, combats wrinkles, eliminate dark spots, excessively narrows enlarged pores and fights acne and pimples. Blue clay is used to combat obesity and cellulite, as well as to treat and strengthen hair and nails.

Very useful masks, body wraps, massages and baths with blue clay. For a person using mainly different kinds of masks, which moisturize the skin, gives elasticity and fight against aging. Effective mask for hair, they strengthen the roots, deep cleanse the pores of the scalp, prevent dandruff and prevent breakage. The hair becomes silky, shiny and smooth. For hands and feet use baths, they improve blood circulation in the legs, reduce swelling.

Leading Western pharmaceutical companies have long been used in the treatment of blue clay, as well as a plurality of cosmetic compositions. In recent years in our country, the healing properties of blue clay has also been given a lot of attention. More and more salons blue clay is used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, but it is applied in the home at least as effective, and most importantly save time and money.

Blue clay has virtually no contraindications to use, is an environmentally friendly natural product. This is the best way to get rid of many diseases, and an excellent tool for beauty care.

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