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Arthrosis or osteoarthritis – a disease that occurs as a result of violations of the right to ensure joint nutrients and leading to its gradual change with the appearance of pain during joint movement.
In addition to pain, the symptoms of osteoarthritis should include spasmodic pains in the muscles and the possible occurrence of tumor around the joint of the patient. However, even in the presence of a tumor, not to be confused with asteoartroz arthritis, which is an inflammatory disease, and having other causes, is treated by several other methods. General funds may be only for these two diseases reduce pain and restorative techniques.
When asteroartroze most affected joints are subjected to the most severe exertion. These joints should include knee and hip. Less frequently the disease affects the joints of the foot, phalanges, cervical and lumbar spine. In this case, the primary causes of the defeat of the arthrosis can be very different. We treat osteoarthritis folk remedies Treatment of osteoarthritis folk remedies first of all should be based on leading healthy lifestyles. Because this disease is directly related to the violation of the exchange of nutrients in the body, it should be required to maintain a diet.
Dining with osteoarthritis should include in the diet of natural foods and possibly exclude food additives, sugar and salt. It is necessary to closely monitor their own weight, but in no case does not proceed to starvation, because by limiting the power you limit the supply of nutrients to the joints. Mainly folk remedies for osteoarthritis include the use of methods of increasing the overall tone of the body, improve blood circulation, increase immunity and removal of pain. In addition, for the treatment of osteoarthritis are widely used recipes based on medicinal plants: kalanchoe, ginger, celery seeds, castor oil, horsetail, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric. They are applied in the form of teas, hot and cold compresses, ointments and poultice.
Medical compresses arthrosis

moloko-2.jpg.pagespeed.ce.-uV6wSAabLRecipe №1. Mel with fermented milk products with osteoarthritis Very finely chop the usual white chalk. To do this it is best to use one that is used to write on the blackboard at school. Mel, sold by construction companies, may contain additional impurities, and it is not recommended to use it for compresses. Pour the crushed chalk yogurt, kefir or sour cream and mix well. The resulting paste is put on the affected joint, cover with foil and apply a bandage. This wrap is done for the night. Relieves pain, reduces swelling and improves circulation.

oatmealRecipe №2. Treatment of osteoarthritis Application oatmeal cooked oatmeal also gives good results. Take three or four tablespoons of oatmeal, pour boiling water and cook on low heat for five to seven minutes. The amount of water should provide a thick porridge, which must be cooled and used as a compress for the night. Use only freshly cooked cereal. Yesterday’s porridge is not suitable for compress.

kapustniy-sokRecipe №3. Pain relief using cabbage juice For cabbage juice crush rock and then well Promna cabbage arms or mortar does not oxidize in the pan. Pour everything into the juicer, and squeeze the juice. Take a thick, soft weave of natural wool without synthetic impurities, soak it well prepared cabbage juice and apply a compress on the affected area. Keep the cabbage juice can be no more than three days, then must make a new one for a compress. Especially effective is a compress of cabbage juice helps with pain arising due to changes in the weather.


Recipe №4. Use arthrosis fresh fern leaves good effect is given fresh fern leaves wrapped in a thin cloth or gauze. Apply them at night and it can bring you relief.

Tools for grinding of joints in osteoarthritis

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Recipe №1. Lapping of flower honey arthrosis Take equal parts by volume of flower honey, glycerine, iodine and alcohol. Mix well and let it brew for 2-3 hours. Rub feet of lapping moving the hand in an upward direction. Ointments produce not only painful joints, but also departing from it up and down. As a result, you can quickly remove the arisen pain, improve blood circulation and nutrient movement in the spot ointments. Allowed to use alcohol instead of natural fruit vinegar, which in the end will also give good results.

e2d15443b9e1e4090771877f00sp--dlya-doma-interera-aromaticheskoe-sashe-raznotraveRecipe №2. Aromatic fee for rubbing. Take one of the eucalyptus, cypress, pine needles, hyssop, chamomile two parts, mix and fill the collection with natural vegetable, corn or olive oil. Let sit in a cool dark place for one day. The resulting mixture is used for rubbing and massage aching joints. Rubbing is recommended twice a day – morning and evening. Massage the affected joint and spend a day in the event of pain. Perhaps the combination of rubbing massage.


Recipe №3. Eggs help treat arthritis Mix two tablespoons of ammonia with the same amount of turpentine. Beat into the mixture of two raw chicken egg and mix all thoroughly. This composition should be applied for grinding of joints before bedtime. However, do not use the vehicle for more than five consecutive days, as with each subsequent use of it compounded by the negative impact of turpentine on your skin.

1418376918_propolisRecipe №4. Treatment of osteoarthritis propolis. Melt the necessary quantity of propolis in a water bath and mix it with sunflower or corn oil. Cool the mixture and rub into the skin in the joint area in case of pain and at night.

_vyr_491moroznik-500x500Recipe №5. Hellebore Caucasian Ointment for the treatment of osteoarthritis. For the preparation of ointments, you will need a plant like hellebore Caucasian, 20 grams of which must be carefully grind to a powder. Thereafter, add the 10 grams of vegetable oil, 20 g of honey and 5 g of mustard powder. Heat the mixture in a water bath and allow to cool. Store in a dark place at room temperature. Especially effective help in case of pain in the joints of the hands and feet.

Tinctures, decoctions and therapeutic compositions for the treatment of osteoarthritis Unfortunately, traditional medicine, as well as traditional, does not know the techniques for full treatment of osteoarthritis. However, seize the exchange and flow of nutrients to the joints, extend their life, it is quite capable. Also, do not neglect such a remedy is not difficult gymnastic exercises, which after 50 years should be mandatory to do on a daily basis. So exercise in osteoarthritis of the knee or hands is not complicated in execution. Conventional circular motion of hands or feet increase blood flow to the joint, which eventually improves its regenerative capacity.

lavr3Recipe №1. Tincture of laurel for the treatment of osteoarthritis half package (10 grams) of laurel pour a glass of boiling water, put on fire and continue to simmer for another five minutes. Allow broth to infuse for five hours. Before taking bowel cleansing is necessary to carry out the procedure in order to avoid a possible allergic reset. Take decoction should be throughout the day sipping a little sips. The broth should be prepared and take it within three days. A week later, the procedure is recommended povtorit.Eto means perfectly stimulates the removal of accumulated salts from the body and clears the way supply of nutrients to the joints. Therefore, this procedure is very useful to carry out one or two times a year. And this will be very good, if the use of a decoction of the period observed, chosen by you, the diet with osteoarthritis.

imageRecipe №2. The combination of horseradish, honey, and calcined cheese curd should be prepared first. To do this, heat the quart of milk and add three spoons of 10% calcium chloride, purchased at a pharmacy. After the milk sit, cool and strain it through a fine sieve or cheesecloth. Leave it on overnight and in the morning calcined curd is ready. Now pour in a saucepan four liters of water and bring it to a boil. Put into boiling water one kilo finely chopped horseradish and boil for 5-10 minutes. Cool the broth and add to it half a kilogram of honey. Store in the refrigerator should be a means and take 100 grams 3-4 times per day seizing calcined spoon cottage cheese. And in any case do not add sugar to the cheese! This treatment is recommended twice a year.

chesnoch_nastoykaRecipe №3. A little garlic tincture before breakfast Mix olive oil with garlic juice or garlic paste rubbed 1:10. In the absence of olive oil, corn oil can be used, but will already proportion 1:12. Take this mixture of half a teaspoon before breakfast every day. It prevents the occurrence of pain and brings an overall improvement in health in osteoarthritis.

oves-dlia-poxudeniyaRecipe №4. Tincture on rye grains for treatment of gonarthrosis For a full course you will need a kilogram of rye grain, which should fill seven liters of water, put on fire and bring to a boil, but do not boil. Allow to cool, then drain and then add to a kilogram of honey, three teaspoons of barberry root and half a liter of vodka (maybe 200 grams of alcohol). Mix well until completely dissolved honey and put in a dark cool place for three weeks. Take this remedy should be for half an hour before eating three tablespoons until the end.

Typically, a full course takes eight liters of this liqueur. Of course, there are not all the methods of traditional medicine used in the treatment of osteoarthritis.
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